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Investor • Executive • Mentor

Ed Roberto has been an active entrepreneur and angel investor for the past 25 years. He has founded a variety companies, and has acted either as the chief executive or chief operating officer in these businesses. His angel investing activity is primarily focused in the Rocky Mountain region and he is a limited partner in venture capital funds across the United States.


Ed’s strengths centers on the operational, financial, and technical aspects of a business. He mentors company founders and executive teams in developing operating strategies, creating well thought out business plans, and delivering a compelling investment presentation. Ed provides his expertise either as an active Board member, management consultant, or permanent executive officer.


Iraq Team



Ed is at home with the rawness of the startup that is incubating an idea, has not secured startup capital, and has no product or customers. He is equally at home with the established operating company that wants to aggressively grow revenue, improve bottom line profits, and expand to a global footprint.


In each of these operating venues, the key concentration that Ed brings to an executive team is the ability to focus on getting the most immediate results with the resources on hand, in an acceptable time frame. This requires creative thinking and urgent execution in a wide range of economic conditions with an even broader range of personnel skills available.


Since 2006, Ed has leveraged his background to provide entrepreneurial skills to senior managers and engineers in post conflict environments. Specifically, Ed has worked with nuclear, biological, chemical, and delivery scientists from the Iraqi regime to develop feasible business models to aid in the post-war reconstruction of the country.


Developing an entrepreneurial discipline in a non-Western culture is challenging. Effective delivery demands creative, flexible, and specific communication techniques that Ed brings to bear. Ed intersperses his engineering and business knowledge to connect with the technical and commercial audience in a common language. This results in a more credible operating plan and effective presentation skills.


Mr. Roberto holds an MBA from the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver and studied Electrical and Mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado. His extracurricular interests include competitive combat shooting, motorcycle racing, flying, scuba, and sky diving.

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